Cirque Du Soleil “Corteo” Tickets

It is a glorious amalgam of the earthy and the transporting, with a circle-of-life spin.
Seattle Post


Tour Dates

Columbia, SC
Colonial Life Arena
Jul 10-14, 2019

Estero, FL
Hertz Arena
Jul 17-21, 2019

Sunrise, FL
BB&T Center
July 24, 2019 – August 4, 2019

San Antonio, TX
AT&T Center
Aug 8-11, 2019

Denver, CO
Pepsi Center
Aug 15-22, 2019

Hershey, PA
Giant Center
August 28, 2019 – September 1, 2019

Debuted as the touring show in 2005, Corteo (translated as “cortege” from Italian) has all the features of a mesmerizing Cirque Du Soleil show: dangerous high-flying acrobatic stunts and numerous acts. However, this one emphasizes on a story and plot. The contrasting specter of emotions and events, childlike actors, a depiction of various life periods, and baroque-ish entourage make the Cirque Du Soleil Corteo tickets a pass to the wonderful world of the artist’s inner world.

What Is Cirque Du Soleil Corteo About?

The whole plot centers around the imagination of Mauro, a clown who imagines his funeral as the colorful carnival and procession, full of music and dances. The whole set is observed by angels from the sky, who are yet to see the festival of life and prosperity of human spirit.

A whole cast of acrobats, singers, musicians and actors from different countries will be bringing Mauro’s imagination to life with stunts, juggling, flying off the teeterboard and swinging chandeliers under the dome. The theatrical narration style complements the story and makes it something more than just the circus act. This is about feeling the artists, and the stage.