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Dazzle(s) the eye with luminous spectacle and gasp-worthy, derring-do.

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A 38th creation of the circus act, Luzia is “”A Waking Dream of Mexico”” that transfers you to the fictional world of Central America, suspended somewhere between dreams and reality. The show is created by Mr. Finzi Pasca, who has created the harmony between the fearful stunts, moving treadmill, dual turntables, and surrealistic journey of beauty. The name of the show is the quenching of light (Luz) and rain (Illuvia), and it shows all the glamour of Mexico as it is.

The Cirque Du Soleil Luzia has been known for finesse performance, elegant set designs, original costumes, live music, and kind comedy. This whole mix creates a high-style and modern act, with the unique flair only the Canadian circus act can have.

The light and rain unite with the cast of 44 artists from 15 countries to show you all the beauty and richness of the Mexican culture.