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“Volta” has a super contemporary feel.

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A huge gray and white circus dome in your city means only one thing: you’ve got the chance to see the Volta by Cirque Du Soleil yourself. This story about self-acceptance and dignity takes the familiar staging of a TV show and learns us to be ourselves. Cirque Du Soleil has prepared everything you could expect from them: staggering stunts, comedy, music, acrobatic mastery, and a unique flair that only this Canadian act has.

What is Cirque Du Soleil Volta about?

The setting is at the TV show contest, where Waz, the main character, has to reveal his difference and challenge his fear of exposure. This show is about embracing yourself as it is, overcoming shyness, and believing in yourself. It’s a journey of self-acceptance and truth, delivered by the cast of professional acrobats, stuntmen, dancers, and singers, who create a sensible and touching story.

You’ll see the following acts:

  • Acro Lamp.
  • Hand To Hand.
  • Shape Diving.
  • BMX.
  • Flatland & Ballet Duo.
  • Rope Skipping.
  • Acrobatic Ladder.


This show is family-friendly.